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Can I Atleast have that – By LJC

Can I atleast have that?8c2eb4acae051a3b30459a8cd98f038bMemory of all the good times,
All the fun times,
The laughter and the silent smiles,
The naughty moments when we thought we would get caught but didn’t,
The secret meetings of sneaking around Name TagCan I atleast have that?

All you try to do is cause me pain
Reminding me of all the lies and hurts
The broken promises
The never transpired tomorrows

To reminisce in memories dear to my heart
What wrong or crime is there to it?
Can’t I atleast have that?

Should you always be negative about everything?
Don’t you know there is good and bad,
Happiness and sadness,

Tears and smiles

Black and white

                      Should you always dwell on that which steals one’s joy
                      Making one frown and lash in anger


I seek peace,

Peace of heart & peace of mind

I shall not and do not wish to habour bitterness and resentment

The price to pay is a heavy heart, a load I do not wish to bear.


So no matter what might have happened

To live in the good memories is my choice and wish your support

not judgment

For its these memories that remind me of a great love

of a great friendship

Can I atleast have that??


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