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He is forever Faithful – By L.J.C

The thought of

Will it happen?

when will it happen?

why is it taking long?

all these are thieves of the trust and faith in us.

They circle aroung trying to cause doubt,

bring unbelief

to the point of letting go of His hand

but all a lie at the end of it all.

I waited and at times questioned,

cried my eyes out

at some points felt like all hope lost.

wondered why

why there was no answer

no sign

But He stayed with me and in everything

showed that He was there and was with me

Just that I was too blinded to the worldly lies to see.

I am grateful I held on


For He has promised not to leave nor forsake us

That He is with us to the end of age.

Thank you Lord for proving faithful in my life

For being the one true thing in my life

My rock and strong tower

You have come through for me in

ways beyond my Imagination

For you alone are God

Forever Faithful.

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@Shocked BUT Trusting in GOD – By L.J.C

So after 32 years of my existence,

of knowing and excepting that which already is as is

never have I imagined that at this time in my life I would

have no words, nor expression for the feelings in me.

We all have flaws and are expected to learn to live and work around them

but when something happens that crushes that which you already knew was

how do you roll in to embrace it.

Coming up with words is nearly impossible

yet you expected to utter that which is burning inside..

“Voice your opinion they say”…

Change with one’s might is never as easy as it is made out to be

which is why I will not try to approach the matter with my human Mind

I leave it to My GOD the FATHER to guide and lead me in this matter.

For in everything and with everything we all seek to achieve Peace and not Chaos.





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Lead me Your Way – By L.J.C

Lord , hear me

I’m calling out to you

Come and take my hand

And lead me your way


All I need is you

I am nothing without you

For nothing and no one

Fulfills me, the way that you do


Lead me Your way

Lead me Your Way

There is no place I’d rather

Than in Your presence LORD



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Send Me – By L.J.C

                         I want to see your heart
                        I want to walk in your ways
                    To be an instrument for your works
                          For this great Mandate

                              Wont You send me
                        Here I am LORD waiting on you
                              Wont You send me
                               Am your vessel 

                                Take My hand
                               and lead the way
                                 Send me LORD
                               And light my path

                               Wont you send me....


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Memories By L.J.C

Memories shared tell a story

of the journey traveled

The path taken

Time may pass away

The world may change its face

but deep within

In the depth of the heart

is a story waiting to be unleashed

waiting for a trigger to ignite and set to motion

That which laid covered for so long

whether it shines or rains

depends on the naration

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Too Dense by L.J.C

To dense to read the situation I tagged along
Not being able to read the signs,
I gave excuses for the missed appointments
Even with the absence of a phone call.
I just couldn’t take the hint i guess

Now you tell me you did not mean to hurt me
All you did was pity the innocent me who could not even tell when love wasn’t genuine

How hurtful to take advantage of the innocent,the weakling,
Making fun of  and passing it on as a joke.. ‘ha ha,only you laugh’

What happened to genuine compassion.
Should I be made fun of or taken for granted                                                                                                                                                                                                           All because I am too Dense                                                                                             or haven’t experienced it yet? Or so they say. 

I may not know true human love of man & woman                                                          But I do know the Father’s Love                                                                                                         It is real and true                                                                                                                     sufficient for me for all my days                                                                                             It does not judge nor keep a record of all my wrongs

Instead it embraces me as I am and feels me with its warmth                           What more could I ask for                                                                                                 In Him I am not dense but in tune with His love for me

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Pained Heart – By LJC


Feeling a bit on the low today

A bucket of yogurt or Rum & raisin/Blueberry Ice cream could do the trick

even though just for a little while 

A tear or two I can feel on the edge of my eye.

To cry I don not want, for I will not gain nothing but 

increase the pain.

Pain? What pain, I thought I had dealt with this,

atleast I thought I did, why then do I feel this piercing in my heart.

Matters of the heart are really confusing

Quite tiring  I must say.

I know it ain’t going to be easy, but am sure with time

It will all fade away, a distant memory

(How I wish it were that easy)

Dwelling on it wont help, So i will go on with life and

trust that one day I will wake and not think about it.

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The Perfect Completion


Who he is
Every bit about him
His strength and weaknesses
All the short comings Imperfections & Perfections
How a complimentary he will be to my not so perfect yet perfect self
Only He knows

I know now not to be anxious,nor nervous
Not to loose heart or worry needlessly
For He knows it all
The right time
The right second of the moment
The right individual
Of whom He has perfected for me


Away with the lists
The pointers
The Markers
That only the individual eyes
Sees through,
Perceives through


No longer do I listen
To the voices of this earth
The voices of discouragement &
Of impatience and faithless acts
Voices of scientific schedules
And man made theories of life turnouts


For my destiny,my life schedule lies in God’s hands
The first breath
The first cry
The first laugh
The first smile

How many more to come
Only He knows
And in Him I lay it all down


In surrender I give my heart,mind
all my thoughts of My Mr Right
For He knows where the perfect fit is

With this Thought I rest assured in His perfect timing.
Of Thee perfect completion

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